Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

It begins with an idea and ends with a mobile app. The world has begun changing directions in terms of how it does business. No longer are the days of printout maps and calling in food orders. These days, it is through an app that you can enter in the address of the bar you are headed to or submit a food order to your local grocer to be made ready for you.

Businesses large and small can benefit enormously from creating not only a mobile site for themselves but an app to streamline the connection process between business and customer, which can be accessed by any smart phone owner using either Android or Apple devices.

What are some of the addable features of your Launch & Hustle mobile app, you ask?

With your custom Launch & Hustle mobile app, you can add features such as:

-GPS Directions. Your coordinates are automatically programmed. Customers can either glance at the area map itself or they can submit their own address and get step by step directions on how to easily arrive at your business.

-One-Touch Calling. We have all been there, wanting to contact a business and spending way too much time scouring the internet or yellow pages for one particular number to call a business and then two weeks later, after having misplaced it, having to do it all again. With our one-touch calling button, there is no number to remember or put in a safe place. Your customers can touch the screen and reach you directly.

-Tell-A-Friend Feature. When your mobile customers are blown away by your app, products or services they have the chance to share your business and mobile app with any number of their social media accounts with just one touch on their screen.

-Are you a restaurant or bar? If so, you will enjoy adding features such as the Food Ordering Feature or the Mobile Reservations feature, where they can order their food and book their table during the middle of a meeting without drawing any attention to themselves. That is multi-tasking at its finest.

For every possible business venture, there are features to suit your needs. And it’s all included with your Launch & Hustle mobile app and fully customizable to your specific needs.

Even better is the fact that we have now created a way to integrate features such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. And, if you happen to integrate your app with a playlist, album or particular song, there is a way to link your app to iTunes and allow your app users a direct link to buy that particular song or album. This is a great tool for recording artists, DJs and bands, but it can also be a unique way for businesses to brand themselves by using music as an auditory memory linking device.

Through the use of push notifications, business owners, through their mobile apps, can interact with customers directly with messages that are relevant and valuable. Update them on updated app features, a dinner special, new tracks from your album, discounts and sales. Each app created comes with unlimited push notifications, free of charge.

A feature for you (and not your mobile app users) is the analytics feature. Using this feature, you will be able to see just how many users have downloaded your app as well as how many times those users actually engage with the app itself.

Your mobile app will have many features including the ones listed above and many more, no doubt. These analytics will also tell you specifics such as how many dollars people are spending on items through your app, how many appointments they have scheduled or what features they spend the most time with. This allows you to assess your productivity and, using it, you could learn how changes to your app either make it more effective or less effective, helping you to make choices that will increase its effectiveness.

Have we convinced you? Still unsure? Well, if your concern is that you have little to no programming background, then don’t worry. With our easy-to-use interface, there is no programming knowledge that you need to have under your belt to create a good looking app design. We handle the design for you to get you up and running quickly with a mobile app that matches your online branding. In a matter of days, you too could have a pixel-perfect mobile app for your business that will cost you less than an ad in your local newspaper and will provide you a lasting return on your investment.