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April 23, 2021
   by LaunchAndHustle Team


How would you feel about a product that claims to prevent hearing loss and also maintain brain health?

Sounds interesting!

Synapse XT is a brain health supplement that targets the root cause of hearing loss. It provides relief from tinnitus (hearing condition) and enhances brain functions.

Makers believe it can improve memory retention and focus by targeting brain nerves.

If you are someone who hears a buzzing sound when in reality there's no source of sound nearby, you would like to know how Synapse XT helps.


According to the World Health Organization, 50% of the people aged 12-35 years develop hearing problems. The reason is long exposure to loud and unsafe sound.

Such noisy ambience leads to hearing disorders and symptoms. Around 50 million US people are suffering from tinnitus. Thus, American Tinnitus Association (ATA) is trying to find a cure.

What is Tinnitus?

If you are wondering what Tinnitus is, here's a simple answer. A person suffering from tinnitus experiences sounds or ear sensations, even when there's no source of sound. The common sounds are ringing, buzzing, swooshing, and hissing.

What causes Tinnitus?

Any damage to hair cells inside cochlea or inner ear causes tinnitus. This damage results from prolonged exposure to loud sounds.

Old people are more prone to tinnitus. But, now, it is more common in young or middle age people who are exposed to personal devices, earphones on full volume, or metal works.

It can be temporary or permanent.

Unfortunately, there is no cure or treatment. But some nootropic supplements or foods can help curb tinnitus beforehand.

Why brain health boosters for a hearing condition, you might be wondering!

That's because though tinnitus is related to ears, it is a symptom of neural dysfunctions. If there is any problem in the brain where sound receptors function, it may affect the auditory system.

When exposed to harsh sounds for a long time, part of the circulatory system from ear to brain gets damaged. As a result, one may stop hearing certain sounds. And the brain starts filling the void by creating internal sounds.

Thus, improving the brain cell communication can help provide relief from tinnitus.

How supplements help?

Nootropic supplements may help overcome this problem. Nootropic refers to supplements that enhance cognitive function and boost brain performance.

So, can Synapse XT help or is it another fake supplement synonymous with snake oil?

What is Synapse XT?

Synapse XT is a natural, nootropic supplement. It is gaining popularity among tinnitus sufferers.

It is available in pill form. The powerful formula is "a natural way to supercharge and maintain brain and hearing health."

What distinguishes it from other nootropic supplements is its triple-action formula. The blend of 8 powerful herbs boost memory, focus, and provide relief from tinnitus.


Despite its popularity, the official website of synapse XT lacks important information. It is difficult to find out about makers, formula's research, and background of the company.

Bryan Jones claims that Synapse XT helped him improve brain performance and hearing. He is a 56 year old man suffering from tinnitus.

You can find him in the only featured video on the website as a testimony to effectiveness of the pills.

Besides that, makers claim that the production unit is a GMP certified facility in the U.S.


Synapse XT makes bold claims both as a nootropic and hearing supplement. Loaded with nutrients, it improves neural transmission to and fro the brain. 

The pill acts as a booster for a range of cognitive functions. It provides clear thinking, better memory and focus. It helps in brain cell communication and perception of sounds.

"Transform your life", "Supercharge your brain health" are the spiels that attract people to find out more about this popular tinnitus supplement.

Ingredients Research

The right knowledge of key ingredients help you make informed decisions. Synapse XT uses natural ingredients to support brain and auditory health.

  • Juniper Berry - Prevents oxidative stress because of its antioxidant properties
  • Hawthorn Berry - Flavonoids prevent neuro-generative diseases 
  • Hibiscus Extract - Calms nervous system
  • Garlic - Regenerates neural communication between ear and brain and protects brain cells
  • Green tea extract - Antioxidants and l-theanine improve mood
  • Vitamin B complex - Aids in maintaining brain health
  • Vitamin C - Improves body's immune system

Other ingredients include potassium, magnesium, and multivitamins.

Ingredients in detail

Juniper Berry

Stress and free radicals lead to toxin build-up. It results in slow metabolism and impacts cognitive functioning.

The flavonoids present in Juniper Berry have antioxidant properties. They reduce oxidative stress, prevent the body from free radicals, and inflammation.

juniper berry

Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn Berry exhibits cognition-boosting and immune-strengthening properties. It helps in minimising neural damage.

hawthorn berries


A study suggests that hibiscus aids against memory loss and amnesia. It has antioxidant properties that might help with cognition.



 Garlic offers several benefits that support both brain and hearing health. Its antioxidant properties help fight free radicals and reduce stress. Besides, it also improves blood circulation. A study shows that garlic provides relief from middle ear infections.



Synapse XT offers several benefits. The natural formula ensures healthy brain communications. It improves the circulatory system, which in turns inhibits tinnitus to some extent.

Also, its ingredients with antioxidant properties provide relief from oxidative stress. Besides, it imparts energy and defense from fatigue.

It also aids in improved perception of sounds and other senses.

Side Effects and Risks

As Synapse XT is a natural fix to cognitive and hearing problems, side effects are unlikely to occur. But no information about makers, a name, to say the least raises concerns.

And after a thorough research, I found that the quantity of ingredients in Synapse XT are low as compared to other nootropic supplements. Thus, customers complained that pills do not work or show results as advertised. 

There are no Synapse XT side effects and risks to suggest its negative impact on health.

But insomnia, headache, and diarrhoea are side effects of individual ingredients. So, always consult your doctor before trying supplements.

Who should avoid it?

These people should avoid Synapse XT:

  • Underage and pregnant or nursing women
  • People with underlying issues or medical conditions
  • It is not a treatment or cure for people with cognitive impairments.
  • People on medications or other supplements
  • People already diagnosed with chronic tinnitu

Customer Reviews

An honest customer feedback can make or break your opinion about a supplement. So, here a few to aid your decision.

"This product has worked wonders for me. No more hearing aids and no more "chirping." - Junea W Sharp

"It's Day 17 and I see no results when it claims results as soon as 10 days. I wasted 80 bucks." - Robert Morea

"A month later, no improvement in brain health or hearing. I don't know if I want to continue using it." - Jaime

Is It A Scam?

A few customers mentioned no improvement or negative impact. 

But, if you take it regularly for at least two or six months, you may notice changes and improvement in hearing condition. This does not necessarily mean the pills work the same for everyone who follows a minimum two months mark.

Besides efficacy, issues related to sudden credit card charges are something to pay attention to. The makers have a refund policy of two months. Don't skip it to avoid charges, connect to customer service and ask for a refund. 

Many customers are under the impression that Synapse XT is a "snake oil" or "money sucker". And they bought the pills on Amazon or other websites.

Don't invest your money on duplicates or fake Synapse XT pills. Please note that it is not available on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc. Place your order on the official website only.

How To Use It?

Synapse XT is available in the pill form. You can take it twice daily with a glass of water before breakfast and dinner. With regular intake for about 90 days, you may start experiencing relief from tinnitus.


Only buy from the official website as they provide a money back guarantee under their 60 day refund policy. Many customers miss the 60 day mark and regret abrupt debits from their accounts.

If you don't like the supplement, contact customer service at [email protected]. They help you cancel your order and process a refund within 60 days.

Where to Buy and Pricing

Synapse XT is available on the official website only in three packages. Each bottle contains 60 capsules with 30 servings for a month.

  • One bottle costs $69 + $7.95 domestic shipping
  • Three bottles cost $177 (free shipping)
  • Six bottles cost $294 (free shipping)

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a precautionary measure for initial tinnitus symptoms, Synapse XT is a helpful supplement. It can also serve as a memory and focus enhancement.

But, beware of duplicates, it is common to find fakes when a company has little information to reflect authenticity. 

To conclude, consult a doctor. Wear ear protections. Avoid long exposure to sounds. Taking precautions is better than taking supplements.


1. Does Synapse XT contain allergens?

No, the supplement is a blend of research-backed ingredients only. It is free of side effects, soy, and other allergens.

2. How long does it take to see results?

It takes anywhere between two and three months to start seeing improvement.

3. Can I use it to improve my brain ability and intelligence?

Although Synapse XT contains ingredients that enhance cognitive abilities, I won't recommend it as a magical pill. There is no surreal nootropic supplement in the world that can give you Einstein or Hawking's IQ, per se.

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