Meticore Review - Should You Trust This Product?

May 13, 2021
   by LaunchAndHustle Team


How often have you heard that losing body-weight seems to be a distant reality and supplements do not work? Quite frequently, right? Well, the ones who told you this probably aren't much aware of Meticore and its benefits.

No worries! We have done the homework for you.

This article is a research-backed review of Meticore and its contribution to weight loss. The ingredients present in Meticore are all famous for helping reduce obesity, like African mango seeds, turmeric and brown seaweed.

Don’t trust us!

Read on to find yourself if the product can really work for you. No wonder why this dietary supplement has taken the market by storm.


Do you hesitate while looking at yourself in the mirror? 

Does working out seem ineffective, or simply out of the question for your hectic schedule? 

Switch to Meticore - a dietary supplement to help you trigger your weight loss efforts. If you check the official website, you will find that Meticore can increase your metabolism by increasing body temperature. That said, an increased temperature elevates your metabolism levels, making your body sweat and lose weight faster.

Let us know how these pills work and if they really help you shed stubborn fat.

What is Meticore?

Meticore is a dietary supplement that increases the core temperature of your body, thereby helping you achieve higher metabolism, and vice-versa.

If your (Basal Metabolic Rate) BMR seems too low, then there has to be a body temperature problem. Most people who suffer from obesity have low BMR and low core temperature.

Hence, Meticore targets this basic issue affecting our body weight. The manufacturer prepares each capsule with special care and the best ingredients. All the nutrients present in the capsules are highly potent.

About Manufacturer

Meticore is manufactured by MCW, as Amazon says. However, we couldn’t link the manufacturer with the product online. We could only trace the official website of Meticore.

Most of the manufacturing units of Meticore are USA based and approved by FDA. Hence, you can be sure about their authenticity. All the trading and manufacturing are being channelised through them


The official website makes very significant claims about the transparency of Meticore. Some of them are as follows:

  • World’s first 100% natural solution to target low body temperature.
  • Trigger and supercharge metabolism for both men and women. 
  • Help in shedding stubborn fat from all over the body.
  • Give a glowing skin, and plump and fresh feeling. 
  • Vegetarian, Non-GMO, and completely safe.
  • Has no stimulants and is not tolerance forming. 
  • Buying Meticore products from other unknown websites can be risky.

Ingredient Research

Meticore gets produced with a blend of a good amount of ingredients with scientifically proven uses. Let's see how these are being influential in your weight loss journey.

  • African Mango seed: a seed extract of West-African plant
  • Fucoxanthin: a brown seaweed extract
  • Citrus bioflavonoid: a part of citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit
  • Ginger Rhizome: ginger root
  • Moringa leaf: leaves of “drumstick tree”
  • Vitamin B12: a water-soluble vitamin
  • Turmeric Rhizome: a part of turmeric
  • Chromium: a nutritional supplement

All the above-mentioned ingredients are plant-based herbal ingredients. Hence, the capsules are organic and vegan-friendly. 

Here goes some detailed information about the ingredients.

African Mango seed

Most weight loss supplements use African Mango Seed for fat burning issues. In one study, 28 participants consumed this ingredient and lost 5.36% of body weight. It contains Leptin which makes you crave food less by lowering C-reactive proteins.

African Mango seed

Ginger Rhizomes

This is a common element which companies use in food and beverages items. According to many studies, ginger root can:
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Cure tumour
  • Cure stomach upsets
  • Protect you from ulcers

It also helps to get over from gastronomic issues, stomach upsets, obesity issues and so on. Not just that, having ginger regularly helps prevent cancer.

Ginger Rhizomes


Moringa helps eradicate all our cholesterol problems. For high blood pressure also, moringa seems to become very helpful. It also keeps in check the following diseases:

  • All kinds of inflammatory troubles
  • Diabetes
  • Fluctuations in insulin levels
  • Cancer and so on...
moringa leaf


You might have seen brown seaweed making the headlines for its healing properties. Well, that is because it contains fucoxanthin, a form of marine carotenoid that will help you lose those layers of fat faster.

 According to recent scientific studies, this ingredient will defend your body against cardiological, inflammatory, tumour-related problems. So both the medicinal and nutritional outlooks have come up here. Also, this product gets presented in microalgae and macroalgae formats.

Citrus Flavonoids

This ingredient hints towards the bitter uncommon orange fruits. Here the juice, pill and pulp of the fruit can be of much help. Those who are suffering from acute depression, anxiety attacks, caused by obesity etc. can try this out. Bitter Orange is good for increasing blood pressure and heart rate, too. If you are experiencing menopause, then the essential oil of this fruit will help improve your mental health (1).

Vitamin B12

One of the most popular nutrients, Vitamin B12 has got a lot of significant values. It is very helpful in recovering from Megaloblastic Anaemia. It helps to heal damaged nerves and blood cells. Apart from that, the fruit is also helpful in building calcium. 

The dosage of this item depends on the consumer's age and body weight. There is no unified rule for a

Turmeric Rhizomes

Turmeric plants have been carrying the legacy of medicinal identity for long. The presence of turmeric rhizomes in your body helps to cure stomach upsets. It also treats skin problems. Further, since stomach upsets directly contribute to obesity, turmeric rhizomes thereby treat obesity, too.



Our body gains much of its energy from glucose. Chromium converts the body fat into glucose and produces more energy, thus reducing body weight.


Meticore helps you to increase the BMR. As soon the process gets started on, there are noticeable changes that prevail in the body. 

According to the many studies and the official website of the product, you can expect a proper and systematic sleep cycle with Meticore. As soon as the body-weight starts decreasing, the skin starts glowing as well. You can experience skin that is free from acne and blackheads. 

Meticore is also effective in improving the condition of your hair.

Side Effects and Risks

Since this product is completely toxin-free, the risk factor is not significant. However, if you fall within any of the following groups, we advise you not to take any weight loss supplement.

  • Pregnant and lactating women
  • Patients suffering from acute kidney problems
  • Patients diagnosed with cancer
  • Pubescent and prepubescent children
  • Patients afflicted with trauma and nerve problems

Customer Reviews

We couldn’t find many  reviews for the product online. However, the official website of Meticore claims that thousands of customers are full of praise for this weight loss supplement. 

Further, we got mixed reviews from Amazon about Meticore.

  • Cynthia Anderson

    “Didn’t get my money back this product is awful”

  • mellany mcleod

    “I saw none of the results I heard about in the video I watched about it. Did nothing for me.”

  • victor nahmias

    “Excellent product - does what it's supposed to do !”

Is this a scam?

While some negative reviews are overwhelming, we suggest you look at the other side of the coin. 

There’s no evidence of the product being a scam. Also, the official website clearly mentioned that Meticore may work differently for different people. Further, they offer transparent refunds if the product fails to impress you.

How to use Meticore?

Take one capsule every day. 

For best results, consume in the morning on an empty stomach.


The official website of Meticore mentions a 100% money-back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the product. You can only return the product within 60-days of your purchase and you will get your refund in 48 hours. 

The manufacturer won’t ask you any questions if you claim a refund.

Pricing & Where To Buy It

Well, as the makers say, trust only the official website for your purchase. At present, they manufacture Meticore only in small batches, so they ask you to book your bottle before stocks finish.

The pricing of meticore products are as follows:

  • You will receive one bottle for $59, including the shipping costs. Each bottle contains 30 pills so that you stay covered for one whole month.
  • If you want to stock up for 90 days, you can buy a package of 3 bottles for $147.
  • For 180 days, get a package of 6 bottles at $234.

Final Verdict

With all the positivity and manufacturer claims around Meticore, we suggest you give a fair try to the product. If it can increase your BMR, weight loss seems a bit less challenging.

If you don't see results in the first few days, don't lose patience. Meticore might take time to work on some people due to differences in body structure.

However, if the product nevertheless leaves your body in the same state, get a refund.


1. Can meticore give 30 days' result? What is the least time required to see changes?

For best results, please consume Meticore supplements for at least 90 days. In a month, however, you may see noticeable changes like glowing skin and some decrease in the waistline. 

2. Can meticore increase septicemia?

No, the official website says, it is completely toxin-free. Only herbal elements have been used in the product.

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