Keto Super Powder Review - Should You Trust This Product?

May 13, 2021
   by LaunchAndHustle Team


The Keto diet is becoming a new trend for getting back to shape. But since sticking on the same might often be tricky, people are moving towards Keto supplements.

In this article, we dig in deep about one such supplement - Keto Super Powder.

Yet, we are not sure about the authenticity of the product. Hence, if you do buy and consume the powder, do it at your own risk. But, we can help you take the right decision with an unbiased review of the product.

Read further to know whether the product is a good fit for you or not.


Are you still finding it hard to maintain your keto diet?

If yes, then Keto Super Powder might help your weight loss plans. With the help of this Keto supplement, your struggle with obesity is going to stop. It won’t be long that you will feel the changes in you.

Keto Super Powder is rich in natural ingredients and EVOO antioxidant blend. It makes losing weight a cakewalk while providing a high level of energy to your body. This pushes your body to ketosis efficiently.

What is Keto Super Powder?

Keto Super Powder is the key to losing your weight in the fastest time possible. With the added benefits to heart health, you can have a heart-friendly diet for your dream figure.

It is a very versatile low-carb diet. EVOO is very effective in increasing the metabolism of your body. Not only does it increase your stamina, but it also helps in getting rid of a few pounds.

The origin of this product starts from the lively Australian farms cultivating the olives. Further steps include processing the olives by beating them into a pulp with force. Many steps of the processing result in the final product, ready to consume.

About Manufacturer

WellGrove Health, a product of Boundary Bend Wellness, manufactured Keto Super Powder. Boundary Bend Wellness is an Australian-based company that aims to improve your health and daily life.

All the products are made of home-grown, wholesome, and good quality olive trees. Apart from Keto Super Powder, WellGrove's product line includes:

  • Immune Defense Set
  • Super Antioxidant EVOO (oil and capsules)
  • Super Immunity (Olive Leaf Extract and capsules)
  • Keto Super Antioxidant EVOO Soft Gels.

WellGrove runs on the pillars of sustainability, transparency, and zero waste generation.


The company claims that Keto Super Powder can provide keto-approved, heart-healthy fats, healthy fats, and nothing else!

They also claim that their product is vegan-friendly and dairy and gluten-free. If you are lactose intolerant, then Keto Super Powder is the right choice for you.


Keto Super Powder ensures that the EVOO oil gets converted into powdered form. Its major ingredients include:

  • Liquid EVOO: unrefined Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
  • Gum Acacia: a water-soluble dietary fibre
  • Prebiotic Fibre: an indigestible plant fiber that helps in the growth of good bacteria in the gut

Let us explore a bit more about the ingredients in detail.

Liquid EVOO

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, also known as EVOO is becoming the first choice when it comes to a healthy diet.

A lower concentration of the mono-saturated fatty acids, by close to 75%, makes EVOO a preferred choice. Benefits include a reduction in LDL cholesterol and improved heart health. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties ensure that the heart stays in a healthy condition.

The phenols present in EVOO makes it different from the chemically derived olive oils. It ensures that phenol is retained, giving an extra benefit to the bloodstream.

extra virgin olive oil

Gum Acacia

Gum Acacia paves its origins to aboriginal Australia and Egypt. Acacia has been prevalent in food, additives, and also treating hemorrhoids.

The sticky texture of Gum Acacia makes them perfect for healing inflammation in the body. If you take Acacia in a controlled manner, you can easily treat pain and irritation within the body.

15 grams of Acacia gum helps improve the concentration of plasma, thus making your heart health better.

We suggest you consult your doctor about the consumption of Acacia. It has been noted that acacia consumption results in allergies like hair loss and delayed assimilation of nutrients. It can cause undersized growth, thus consumption of acacia beyond 30 grams is often avoided.

acacia gum

Prebiotic Fibre

Prebiotic fiber ensures that good bacteria get the right atmosphere for growth. They become the source of food for the bacteria in the lower end of the digestive tract.

Prebiotic fiber also improves immunity, prevents allergy, and helps in maintaining bone health.

You should consume prebiotic fiber 28-30 grams/day if you are taking 2000 kcal on an average every day.



Ketosis improves your digestive system and Keto Super Powder triggers the process. The ease in digestion and good cholesterol maintenance are key benefits of Keto Super Powder.

You can also stay protected against lung diseases with the right dosage of Keto Super Powder.

The product also improves your stamina and the metabolism rate.

Experience the perfect focus and an improved mental space as you slurp the tasty Keto booster.

Side Effects and Risks

Keto Super Powder is generally safe to use when taken in prescribed quantities.

But you should consult a doctor before consuming the product if:

  • You are lactating or are pregnant
  • Suffering from a terminal or chronic diseases

Also, keep it away from the reach of children since it could result in digestive disorders.

Customer Reviews

Let us catch up with some positive customer reviews flowing in for Keto Super Powder.

  • Lily A Cowen: “I use it in morning soy milk. Doesn’t dissolve totally by just stirring. Taste is a little sweet. But I do enjoy and it helps my sensitive digestive system.”
  • James T Matyasovsky: “I bought this powder because I sometimes have a hard time meeting my fat needs while I am on the keto diet. It is so much healthier than coconut oil powders and I love that there are prebiotics in here, too. The flavor is great and it mixes right into my coffee in the morning. Love this stuff!”
  • Ashley Vida: “My friend has been using this and loves it so I thought I’d give it a try. So glad I did! I’ve been putting it in my morning smoothie every day - easy way to add healthy fats and prebiotics. Also I like the fact that this company uses the highest quality olive oil. Def recommend!”

Is Keto Super Powder A Scam?

We are not sure if Keto Super Powder can be trusted as there are mixed reviews about the same. One of the reviews on Amazon states that,

“Gosh I'm disappointed. All the great reviews, but for me it tasted chalky. And no matter what I mixed it with, juices or soups, or hot cereals, or veggies it gave me a terrible upset stomach.... So I returned. Was very glad they allowed money back in return.”

Some websites also claimed that the product is not authentic, since it is yet to pass any FDA regulations as such.

The lack of authenticity along with the poor taste and terrible results, with no guaranteed proof about its success, is raising mixed opinions.

How To Use Keto Super Powder?

You can use a scoop to dig in 12g of the Keto Super Powder, and you can mix it up with milkshakes or any beverage.

If you are running late for work, grab a glass of milk, mix the powder into it well, and slurp it on your way to work.

We suggest you have it once a day and not overeat.


If you are not satisfied with the product, WellGroove Health offers excellent refund policies for its customers.

Make sure that you claim the refund within 60 days of order. You must have the details of the order. Be ready to pay for the return shipping cost, though.

Pricing & Where To Buy It

A box of 30 servings(360g) for 30$ can be bought from WellGrooveHealth. You can also avail of the interest-free EMI option which is extendible for 4 months using Sezzle.

Final Verdict

We understand the importance of having the right shape and staying healthy. But, it should not lead us into purchasing something bogus. Since we are unaware of the product’s genuineness, use it at your own risk.


1. I have bought Keto Super Powder. After consuming it for a few days, I came across this article. I am shocked to check its authenticity. What should I do?

Don’t worry. Keto supplements take a month to show some action on your body. The state of ketosis is reached after a month. Since we are not sure about the product being a scam, you can use it for a month at your own risk.

You can return the product immediately in case of no results or any side-effects.

2. Can I cheat one day on my Keto diet?

We suggest you don't do it. Research has shown that cheating your diet schedule might not result in destroying your keto schedule. But, it can worsen heart diseases if you are a diabetic.

3. What is the expected weight loss after a month of keto?

10-12 pounds

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