Keto Activate Review - Should You Trust This Product?

May 13, 2021
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Wondering what could be the easiest solution to losing weight? Are you tired of all those too good to be true ads on weight loss?

Ketao’s Keto Activate product is just the right tool to lose weight seamlessly.

In this article, we did thorough research to present the actual facts.
See it yourself!


Are you still trying out the Keto diet, but failing to stick to it?

If yes, we have a solution for you. With Keto Activate, fighting with obesity and improving fitness is no more a difficult task. It is a real-time solution to your ketosis diet.

Keto Activate pills are rich in organic ingredients which enhance metabolism and vitality. Hence, you can experience weight loss and improved metabolism with this advanced ketosis trigger.

Read further to know in detail about Keto Activate with our unbiased product research.

What is Keto Activate?

Keto Activate Pills enhance the speed of ketosis within your body. It is the right mix of herbal and organic ingredients, ensuring that the fat converts into energy.

Quick results, if you are looking for this, then Keto Activate is the right thing to have.

Enhanced metabolism comes along with reduced levels of stress, thereby improving mental health. There are negligible side-effects and a boost in immunity. Hence, it comes out to be the most preferred weight loss supplement.

Keto Activate comes in exogenous form as well, making it easy to stir with milk or juice and drink it right before you go to the office.

This is not all! Keto Activate also ensures a reduction in blood glucose levels.

About Manufacturer

Keto Activate is a product of Ketao by Michael Baker, originating from Australia. The product aims to fight obesity in the niche of ketosis.

Other products by Ketao include Collagen Creamer, Keto Cleanse, and Keto Custard.

The Director of Ketao, Michael Baker, has a background in the fitness industry since 2003. The high-quality, healthy food supplements for weight-loss are his brain-children.


Ketao claims that their products are not only perfect for losing out on your waistline, but also have a healthy vegan lifestyle. It even asserts to improve mental focus. It is a perfect substitute to caffeine, made truly of natural flavours. 

The company also appreciates its product for being free from gluten and wheat. It works well even if you are lactose intolerant.

Truly Vegan, With No Artificial Sweeteners!


Except for goBHB, the ingredients are different for the two products of Keto Activate.

Keto Activate Capsules

  • goBHB: the component that kick-starts your body into ketosis early.

Keto Activate Exogenous Ketones

  • goBHB
  • Yerba Mate: derived from the leaves of Ilex paraguariensis, they are popular ingredients for tea, after warming in hot water.
  • Stevia: a natural sweetener.

Let’s dig deeper into each of the ingredients.


goBHB increases the level of ketones in the blood to 3-6mM.  Within half an hour of consumption it triggers the ketosis state in the body.

Clinical research has approved the efficacy of the BHB present in ketone drinks. In one of the experiments, 15 participants consumed ketone salts and Ketone Esters.

The levels of BHB concentration in both sets of testers elevated. But, the time they took for returning to the baseline was different. An analysis of the effect of diet on the BHB concentration showed similar results.

The conclusion - BHB resulted in the reduction of blood glucose and fatty acids.

BHB capsules work best 2-3 times a day. Maintain a gap of 3 hours between the doses.

Yerba Mate

South American Yerba Mate is a perfect mix of joyous chocolate, beneficial tea, and exciting coffee. The rich concentration of antioxidants makes it perfect for controlling cholesterol, reducing inflammation, and curing many diseases.

Its added benefits include:

  • Improved immunity
  • Agility
  • Mental balance
  • Higher physical resilience
  • Elevated energy levels, and
  • Improved short-term recall rate and reaction time
yerba mate


Stevia adds the benefit of reducing the levels of blood sugar to Keto Activate. The consumption needs to be in a regulated manner, as the upper limit is 4 mg/kg of body weight.

It is interesting to note that Stevia is non-nutritive, and hence, it has little to no calories, making it a major component in Keto Activate.

There are doubts lingering about the safety of Stevia during pregnancy. Research is still in progress about its usability. Hence, we put forward sticking to FDA-approved ingredients during pregnancy.



Combined with low blood pressure and increased immunity, Keto Activate is free from any artificial chemical sweeteners.

As the fat transforms into energy, there is a reduction in the appetite that enhances the action of Keto Activate. Cholesterol levels are a major concern with the growing age, especially if you are suffering from obesity.

The rise in cholesterol might lead to many heart ailments like stroke and heart attack. Keto Activate reduces the blood cholesterol levels and looks after smooth functioning of the heart.

With the GMP-certified manufacturing hub and FDA-approved product line, Keto Activate enhances physical wellbeing and focus through improved brain functions.

Side Effects and Risks

Keto Activate is rich in certain minerals and salts that can increase their potential concentration within the body. The side effects of these increased levels include stomach problems like diarrhea, nausea, and disorder.

When consumed in a regulated manner Keto Activate is safe for consumption. But, if you are suffering from the below-mentioned complications, you will have to bear the after effects.

  • Heart diseases
  • High blood sugar levels - type 1 diabetes
  • Pregnant and lactating women
  • Pancreatic conditions
  • Kidney and liver disorders.

Customer Reviews

Keto Activate has received positive feedback from its users. Credit goes to its timely response and proven results. Take a look.

  • Dayna S.: “My overall experience has been pretty pleasing and convenient. I have been on a ketogenic diet for 3years and have tried many keto products but would have to say the keto Activate is my favorite.”
  • Kieran V: “I don’t love the taste but it's drinkable and definitely worth the benefits I feel after drinking it. I now drink it with ice-cold sparkling water.”
  • Diane: “Been using these for 5 weeks, have lost 5kgs (all in the first week), no further loss on the scales but feel lighter and my clarity of thought has improved. onto my second batch now with hope for further loss.”

Is it a scam?

Keto Activate is all about reaching the state of Ketosis.

What is Ketosis?

Our body breaks down the fats into ketone bodies. These ketone bodies are further used as a source of energy instead of using carbs. As the ketones erode the body of glycogen and water, they help in reducing the fat in the body at a faster pace.

This state of conversion of the body fat into ketones is ketosis.

Hence, Keto Activate triggers the process of ketosis resulting in a change in your food habits. Finally, after 70 days you get to see a visible change in your body.

So, the negative reviews about Keto Activate can be from the users who did not give their body enough time to reach Ketosis ( 5 days to 2 weeks).

Hence, Keto Activate is definitely not a scam.

How to use Keto Activate?

Using the product is no rocket science.

  • Take 3 Keto Activate pills/capsules with or without food.
  • You can spread it across the day, or you can have them at one go.
  • Open and sprinkle the capsule in water, your favorite smoothies or shakes and enjoy!

The variant Keto Activate Exogeneous is available in powdered form.

Hence, you can take a scoop of it in cold water or juice and drink it in one go!

Best results, when consumed on an empty stomach.


You can return the product in 30 days from the date of buying if you don’t see any benefits. You must have the buying receipt and the product should be in the same condition as it was before buying.

Pricing and Where To Buy Keto Activate?

  1. Keto Activate capsules are available for $55.95 AUD. You can also buy them at an EMI of $13.99 AUD per installment using the AfterPay wallet.
  2. Keto Activate Exogenous Ketones, Peach Mango flavor is available at $89.95 AUD with installments of $22.49 AUD each.

You can buy both the products from the official website of Keto Activate.

Final Verdict

If getting into shape is the real deal, we would recommend you to look no further. Keto Activate assures you of an excellent makeover through weight loss and improved ketosis.

At the start, you might not feel the results. Once you reach the state of ketosis, you can experience the change, which you will adore for a lifetime.


1. What is the least time needed for Keto Diet?

At least 3 months

2. Why do we need 3 months for Keto Diet to show some action?

The body needs to get into the Ketosis state, which takes close to 5 days to a few weeks using Keto Activate. There might be some side-effects due to the removal of electrolytes. With time, you adapt to the changes in food habits as well. Hence,  needing more time for the body to adjust to the new lifestyle. 70 days down the line, you can see some visible changes in your body.

3. What are the precautions to have while on the Keto diet?

The precautions include:

  • Cutting out on fluids
  • Controlling the proportion of the milk diet
  • Regulating the consumption of snacks
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