Derma Correct Review - Should You Trust This Product?

April 22, 2021
   by LaunchAndHustle Team


Are you tired of staring at that unwanted mole on your face? Thought about removing the skin tag, but worried about the pain?

Fret not! Derma Correct, the skin tag removal is here at your service.

This review is an in-depth analysis of the product with the main focus on its ingredients, benefits, side effects, and risks.

But, the bigger question is; does Derma Correct really work?

According to our research and customer reviews, Derma Correct does not seem effective in giving positive results to all of its customers.

Read further to explore more about it!


Skin tags can be really uncomfortable! Don’t you always wish there was a painless way to remove them?

Derma Correct comes ahead with a potent solution of removing skin tags. The best part is, it is not an exclusive product for the face.

Apply it anywhere over your body to get rid of moles and skin tags. Leaving no scars behind, Derma Correct ensures that your skin is corrected.

Make your skin, tag-free, with Derma Correct, and gain your freedom from dermatological problems.

What is Derma Correct?

Derma Correct is a dermatological product aimed to cure moles by removing them. Apply it externally on your body for desired results. With no irritation on the skin, it works by penetrating deep into the layers of skin.

Subcutaneous skin layers, which are the roots of the mole, slowly relax the mole. Eventually, the mole falls off from the skin, thus making your skin look clear.

Healing the skin outgrowths or removing the moles is no more painful procedure. With Derma Correct on your shelf, you can expect comparatively clearer skin in quite a few months.

About Manufacturer

The company Derma Correct itself is the name behind the product. Derma Correct is a US organization and by naming the product on its name, the organization shows how much it believes in the product’s potency. 

Not much is known about the firm online. We are still researching the same and aim to update accordingly.

The staff of the firm is always online. So, if you have any queries regarding the product, feel free to contact them.


Following are the claims Derma Correct made about its product:

  • Derma Correct starts to show results after 8 hours of application.  
  • With no scar left behind after the removal of the mole or scar, the product boasts zero irritation.
  • Easy to use and quick to experience the results.
  • Derma Correct is made using 100% natural ingredients. 
  • Doctors themselves approved the product for use.


To improve the texture of the skin, niacin, Vitamin B6, and B12 play an integral role in the manufacturing of Derma Correct. The added cherry in the cake is the fruit extracts. They ensure to smoothen the skin texture, with enhanced moisture and nourishment.

Other key ingredients include:

  • Aloe Vera: thick, short-stemmed plant.
  • Turmeric Powder: bright yellow powder made from turmeric rhizomes. 
  • Alpha hydroxy: natural acids found in foods. 

Let’s take a detailed look at the ingredients.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera acts as a moisturizer on the skin, thereby being an integral part of any skincare product. It helps in curing skin problems as it is rich in antioxidants.

Aloe Vera is perfect for any skin type. So, if you have dry or oily skin, you can still expect the best results from Aloe Vera. Aolin present in Aloe Vera reduces the pigmentation of the skin, thus improving its tone as well. 

Aloe Vera with lemon extract can be used independently on your skin. No more than a drop of Aloe Vera in 3 drops of fresh lemon extract works perfectly.

aloe vera

Turmeric Powder

With the anti-inflammatory properties and the rich quotient of antioxidants, turmeric powder improves your skin health. When you want a rejuvenating glow on your skin, turmeric powder is your go-to solution. It can also be used independently along with honey and lemon extract.

Made from the roots of Curcuma Zedoaria, turmeric also boasts properties to treat dermatologic diseases. It can cure diseases like eczema, acne, and wounds.

Are you looking for the best solution for aging? Turmeric can be your natural anti-aging agent, as well

turmeric powder


Derived from milk, sugar cane, apples, citrus fruits, grapes, and animal tissues, Alpha-hydroxy finds its importance in treating skin ailments. It has a wide range of benefits, not only limited to anti-aging but also exfoliation and collagen production.

Collagen production ensures that the skin doesn’t get too loose with time. Reducing the hanging of the skin ensures that you don’t look as old as the candles say!

Other benefits include improving the blood flow to the skin and battling against discoloration.

Alpha-hydroxy is available in multiple forms, but the most prevalent ones include glycolic acid and lactic acids. The recommended AHA concentration on products is less than 10% as per FDA.


Derma Correct is the one-stop solution for taking proper care of your skin. In addition to mole and skin tag removal in a painless way, Derma Correct ensures added benefits. 

It improves the hydration properties of the skin by opening the pores, and hence it works as an anti-aging solution. In addition, the collagen fibers of the skin are regrown. Keeping you youthful, the collagen fibers make your skin look brilliant.

Whether you have oily or dried skin, Derma Correct is suitable for any skin type. With no specific differentiation, it works smoothly on your skin, leaving it free of any scars.

So, if you are worried that the mole removal will leave a permanent mark, no more worries!

Side Effects and Risks

Derma Correct boasts its natural ingredients. With no chemicals being used in the manufacturing of Derma Correct, you can rest assured about the side effects.

With the assurance of zero burning and irritation, the product comes around to be safe.

If you have sensitive skin, you might like to give it a thought before application. You might be under the risk of little irritation, but that shall be transient.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews for Derma Correct have not been very encouraging. With Better Business Bureau (BBB) giving poor customer ratings, it is an issue of concern.

Amazon Ratings are not pleasing as well. With more than 30% of the customers rating the product as inferior,  it is a concern for Derma Correct.

However, there are some positive reviews too from BBB and Amazon.

  • Stephanie Latham-Magee

    “Receive the items quickly and happen using. So far it's working but slowly.”

  • Redbird

    “The product took 3 to 4 applications daily to finally get rid of two Skintags on neck abut 10 days to finally dropoff!

    It does have an odor to get use too. If I had to do it again...probably use a Dermatologist.”

  • willis l

    The customer service is terrible! Had to cancel my credit card. Started to receive orders I didn't place. Products work but service is awful. Watch out!”

Is It A Scam?

As you can see there are mixed reviews about the product and the customer service. For some customers it worked, while for others neither the product worked nor the company responded to their complaints. 

We dug deeper to know if the product is just another hogwash over the internet. Though there are few reviews that claim it to be a scam, there is no evidence.

Hence, we suggest you purchase and use the product at your own risk. Negative reviews and complaints do give a red signal, but it will always be you to know the truth!

How To Use It?

Before using Derma Correct, make sure you clean the application area. 

Dry the area completely before applying it.

Take a small quantity from the bottle and apply it gently only on the spot area with a cosmetic pad or applicator. Don’t spread it to the nearby areas.

Let it dry for 6-8 hours so Derma Correct can penetrate into the subcutaneous layers of skin. It makes the mole feel less attached to the skin, completely removing it after 8 hours, as the manufacturer says. 

If you don’t see positive results after 8 hours, re-apply it again on the same area.


You can return the product within 30 days of ordering if you are not satisfied. The firm follows a full money-back guarantee within 4 weeks from the date of claiming return. Make sure you have the bills with you while filing for the return of the product.

Pricing & Where To Buy It

Derma Correct is available on Amazon and on the product’s official website. You can purchase the same at a price of $39.99. In the official website, you can share your personal details and get the product delivered at your doorstep.

Final Verdict

Derma Correct aims to remove the moles on your skin, painlessly. But, the reviews don’t speak positively about the product. The issues related to the customer service and the absence of any website for the company selling the product are a bit shady.

With these points in the negative bucket, we suggest you buy the product at your own risk or look for an alternative.


1. Is Derma Correct Legit? 

Since there is no evidence about the product being a scam, we cannot comment. There are reviews that claim the product is a scam. Hence, you need to test yourself to know if Derma Correct is legit. 

2. How much does Derma Correct cost?

Derma Correct is only available in a single bottle pack, costing $39.99/pack.

3. How do you use Derma Correct?

Clean and dry the application area before drying and apply Derma Correct only over the affected area with a cosmetic pad or applicator. Leave it for 6-8 hours and see the results.

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